Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, individuals and organizations looking to become Safe Places – Youth Certified or to re certify their cards may be unable to do so until further notice

RCMP are currently not processing record checks for individuals unless it is for employment purposes.  

While we await a timeline for record check processing, we encourage everyone to renew or take the Respect in Sport Activity Leader training online anyway and we will provide a public announcement when RCMP are processing record checks again, at which time you will be able to obtain record checks and complete the final steps for Youth Certification.

If you have a recent record check dated within the last 3 months, Safe Places will be able to provide you with a new or updated Safe Places card provided you have the other documentation to support the Safe Places steps to certification. Please contact us directly for more information if this scenario applies to you.

306.778.1677 or email safeplaces@swiftcurrent.ca

Information on how to take your Respect Group training is available on our website www.SafePlacesSK.ca