Recommendations for Community

Youth Service Providers, Programming and Events

Safe Places advocates that ALL Youth Service providers have a responsibility to mandate Safe Places – Youth Certification, not only for those working directly with youth, but for all representatives within the organization.

We understand that there are exceptions, where individuals very infrequently come into contact with youth in their role as a volunteer, employee or community member. We have outlined the following recommendations for groups and individuals to consider:

If you are connecting with Youth…

3 times or Less in 1 year

  • Safe Places is preferred and Record Checks should be Mandatory

More than 3 times in 1 year

  • Safe Places should be mandatory

A word of caution – The safety of our youth should be your priority! 

  • It is up to each organization to outline the Safe Places requirements for their operations, programs, or events. They must also ensure all volunteers and staff meet the requirements associated with Safe Places.
  • Safe Places can work with organizations to help determine or manage the certification status and process for their volunteers and staff.
  • Individuals and organizations should always assess the risk of leaving children under the supervision of anyone who does not have the appropriate record checks or their Safe Places certification.
  • Organizations should contact Safe Places for clarification on any of the guidelines outlined or for support in implementing Safe Places.
  • Individuals should always check with the organization they are affiliated with to determine the Safe Places / record check requirements for their event or program.
  • Individuals / Organizations can contact Safe Places to determine if an individual is Safe Places – Youth Certified.